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Boss Color Types

Boss Color Types

Chapter 1:

  • RED (STR) – Use BLUE, Avoid YELLOW
  • BLUE (AGL) – Use GREEN, Avoid RED
  • GREEN (TEQ) – Use PURPLE, Avoid BLUE
  • YELLOW (PHY) – Use RED, Avoid PURPLE

I. A Gloomy Parallel World
  • After the Tournament…: Keira (RED)
  • Pursing Mercenary Tao: RR Soldiers (GREEN)
  • Unrivaled Assassin: General Tao (BLUE)
  • Reinvestigation: Robot Pirate (GREEN)
  • Invasion of the Warrior Race: Raditz (BLUE)

II. The Ultimate Life Form!
  • Premonition of Doom: Pilaf Machine (PURPLE)
  • Ghost Town Investigation: RR Soldiers (GREEN)
  • Mysterious Ki: Robot Pirate (GREEN)
  • New Enemy: Cell (BLUE)
  • Malicious Android: Cell: Cell (BLUE) and Cell Jr. x2 (YELLOW)

III. A Call to Arms
  • Squad Leader: Yamcha (GREEN)
  • World’s Greatest Teacher: Master Roshi (GREEN)
  • Telekinetic Threat: Chiaotzu (PURPLE)
  • Clever Krillin: Krillin (YELLOW)
  • Turtle School Trial Lesson: Yamcha (GREEN) and Master Roshi (YELLOW) and Krillin (RED)
  • Revenge of Crane School: General Tao (BLUE) and Crane Hermit (PURPLE)
  • Crane School Pride: Tian (RED)
  • Fight Fierce for Honor: General Tao (BLUE) and Crane Hermit (PURPLE)

IV. The Emperor’s Wrath
  • Alien Warrior Encounter 1: Cui (RED)
  • Alien Warrior Encounter 2: Frieza Soldiers x3 (GREEN)
  • Alien Warrior Encounter 3: Apuru (RED) and Frieza Soldiers x3 (GREEN)
  • Pursuer Who Summons Death: Dodoria (YELLOW)
  • Alien Warrior Encounter 4: Apuru (RED) and Cui (RED)
  • Alien Warrior Encounter 5: Frieza Soldiers x4 (GREEN)
  • Battle against Beautiful Warrior Zarbon: Zarbon (YELLOW)
  • Brutal Counterattack: Zarbon (YELLOW) and Dodoria (YELLOW)

V. The Dreaded Ginyu Force
  • Pint-Sized Super Warrior: Gohan (YELLOW)
  • Intensive Training: Gohan (YELLOW) and Krillin (RED)
  • Piccolo’s Terms: Piccolo (PURPLE)
  • Before the Storm: Apuru (RED) and Cui (RED)
  • Psychokinesis: Guldo (PURPLE)
  • Orange-Haired Hazard: Recoome (YELLOW)
  • Blue Hurricane: Burter (BLUE)
  • Red Magma: Jeice (RED)
  • Purple Comet: Burter (BLUE) and Jeice (RED)
  • The Mighty Ginyu Force: Recoome (YELLOW) and Burter (BLUE) and Guldo (PURPLE) and Jeice (RED)

VI. The Androids Attack!
  • Android Appearance: Android 18 (BLUE)
  • Android #18’s Games Part 1: Android 18 (BLUE)
  • Android #18’s Games Part 2: Pilaf Machine (PURPLE)
  • Android #18’s Games Part 3: Robot Pirate (GREEN)
  • Android #18’s Super Power: Android 18 (BLUE)
  • Enter Android #17!: Android 17 (YELLOW)
  • Unending Energy of Terror: Android 17 (YELLOW)
  • Nightmare Team Assault: Android 17 (YELLOW) and Android 18 (BLUE)
  • Cell Approaches: Cell (BLUE)
  • Cell’s Ambition: Cell (BLUE)

VII. Assault of the Saiyans!
  • Find Goku! Part 1: Yajirobe (YELLOW)
  • Find Goku! Part 2: Tambourine (RED)
  • Find Goku! Part 3: Cymbal (YELLOW) [Bottom left cloud takes you to middle of the map]
  • Find Goku! Part 4: Drum (BLUE)
  • Enter Goku!: Goku (BLUE)
  • Saiyan Attack: Saibamen x5 (PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN, RED, YELLOW)
  • Let the Games Begin: Raditz (BLUE) and Saibamen (PURPLE)
  • Elite Warrior: Nappa (RED)
  • Saiyan Tagteam: Raditz (BLUE) and Nappa (RED)
  • Saiyan’s Pride: Vegeta (YELLOW)

VIII. Merciless Frieza
  • Offense and Defense Part 1: Dodoria (YELLOW)
  • Offense and Defense Part 2: Zarbon (YELLOW)
  • Offense and Defense Part 3: Jeice (RED)
  • Offense and Defense Part 4: Burter (BLUE)
  • Offense and Defense Part 5: Recoome (YELLOW)
  • Offense and Defense Part 6: Zarbon (YELLOW) and Dodoria (YELLOW)
  • Offense and Defense Part 7: Burter (BLUE) and Jeice (RED)
  • Captain Ginyu Arrives!: Captain Ginyu (PURPLE)
  • Raging Battle: Ginyu(Purple) Guldo(Purple) Jeice(Red) Burter(Blue) Recoome(Yellow)
  • Galactic Overlord Frieza: Frieza(Red)

IX. Arise, Saiyan Prince
  • Ultimate Saiyan: Vegeta (Green)
  • Super Saiyan Showdown!: Vegeta (Green)
  • Determination: Vegeta (Green) 

Chapter 2:

 X. Red Ribbon Machinations
  • To the Lab: RR Army (Green, Purple, Red). Map: Easy. Dragon Ball
  • Red Ribbon's Return 1: RR Army (Yellow). Map: Easy.
  • Red Ribbon's Return 2: RR Army (Blue). Map: Easy. Dragon Ball
  • Red Ribbon's Return 2: RR Army (Green, Strength, Blue). Map: Complex, Restricted Areas, Stops. On Z-Hard boss is BLUE
  • Dr. Gero’s Ambition: Boss Dr. Gero (Purple). Map: Medium. Dragon Ball
  • Ace in the Hole: Boss Android 19: Yellow. Map: Medium
  • Unexpected Savior: Boss Dr. Gero: Purple. Map: Medium. Dragon Ball 2, You can reach there through a question mark "?".
  • Conflicting Motives: 2 Bosses, Dr. Gero (Purple) An Android 19 (Yellow). Map Easy

XI. Unknown Saiyans

  • Find Goku! Part 5: Bosses RR Army (Blue, Green, Purple). Map Easy.
  • Find Goku! Part 6: Bosses RR Minion (Green, Green, may be variable)
  • The Wayward Champion: Boss Mr. Satan (Purple).  On Z-Hard Boss (green). Dragon Ball 3, cloud on the right (hard).
  • The Wayward Invader: Boss Shugesh (Yellow). Map: Easy. Dragon Ball 6 (Finishes the Dragon Ball's cycle, dragon can be summoned).
  • Battle-Smart Brawler 1: Boss Fasha (Blue). Map: Medium. Bunch of items, enemies here give a good experience rate, nice to Z-Awaken Normal characters.
  • Battle-Smart Brawler 2: Boss Borgos (Red). Map: Easy.
  • Battle-Smart Brawler 3: Bosses Shugesh, Fasha and Borgos(Yellow, Blue, Red), not all together, some can be skipped.
  • Best team there is: Bosses Tora, Shugesh, Fasha and Borgos (Purple,Yellow, Blue, Red). Map: easy.  Defeat the bosses altogether can be tough on high difficulties.
XII. Terror Returns
  • Return of the Elites!: Boss Ginyu Force Recoome (Yellow). Small bosses: Burter (Blue), Jeice (Red), Guldo (Green). Map: Medium.
  • Battle-smart Brawler 4: Bosses: Fasha (Blue) and Shugesh (Yellow). Map: Medium. Dragon Ball 2 (Hard)
  • Battle-smart Brawler 5:  Bosses: Borgos (Red) and Tora (Purple). Map: Easy.
  • Telekinetic Rampage: Bosses: Guldo (Purple) and Shugesh (Yellow), You battle them twice. Map: Medium. Dragon Ball 1.
  • Exquisite Team-Up: Bosses: Fasha (Blue) and Jeice (Red). Map: Complex. Dragon Ball 5. Question Mark (?) can take you back and forth through the map.
  • Explosive Power: Bosses: Recoome (Yellow) and Borgos (Red), twice. Map: Easy.
  • Intellect and Speed: Bosses: Burter (Blue) and Tora (Purple), twice. Map Medium. Dragon Ball 7.
  • Enter the Savior: 
    • 1) Burter (Blue) and Fasha (Blue)
    • 2) Fasha (Blue) and Recoome (Yellow)
    • 3) Borgos (Red) and Guldo (Purple)
    • 4) Recoome (Yellow) and Shugesh (Yellow)
    • 5) Jeice (Red) and Borgos (Red)
    • 6) Guldo (Purple) and Tora (Purple)
    • 7) Tora (Purple) and Jeice (Red)
    • On Z-Hard the fight is against Super Saiyan Gohan (Ex. Purple)
    • Notes: Some fights can be skipped due the question marks (?), which can lead you to somewhere else, however battle 7 always happens, except on Z-Hard.
    • Very good place to level your N characters to R in Normal mode.
    • Z-Hard (versus SS Gohan) and Hard mode also offers nice experience for SR, SSR and UR characters.
    • Good set of items through the map.

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